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1 Summary of investigation in Urumqi
2 Summary of EU-China Think Tank Dialogue, Beijing
3 Conference on ˇ°Developing Family Farming to Promote Agricultural Cleaner Productionˇ±, Beijing
4 Summary of China-EU Climate Change Policy Dialogue Seminar, Beijing
5 Summary of the COPERT Training Workshop, Beijing
6 PDSF Information and Promotion Event, Beijing
7 2014 China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) High Level Conference, Beijing
8 Future Communications Regulations Trends expert meetings ¨C Digital China, Beijing
9 Experts' Meeting for EU-China Collaboration on Product Eco-Design Policy, Brussels
10 Support to Legislation through IT ¨C study visit to Belgium, Estonia and UK
11 Smart Cities Pilot Cities Study Visit to Denmark, Holland and Italy
12 Experts Meeting of EU-China Communication Platform for Agricultural and Rural Environmental Protection Technology and Experience, Beijing
13 Summary of China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Inception Workshop, Beijing
14 Summary report from Kick-off Workshop for "Institutional Innovation of Ecological Civilization", Beijing
15 EU-China Urbanization Partnership Forum 2013, Smart City Sub-Forum, Beijing
16 2013 EU-China Urbanization Partnership Forum, Beijing
17 EU-China Symposium on Comparison of Social Assistance Policies, Wuhan
18 A CEWP Study Tour on Water Permitting Undertaken to Hungry, Britain and Denmark
19 Study Assignment to Europe of Agricultural Clean Production Technology Practice and Eco-compensation Policy
20 Broadband Policy Final Workshop, Beijing
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